Computer Guided Surgery

Virtual Implant Planning & Placement

Computer-guided surgery is a revolutionary technology that offers a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants. Using Cone Beam CT scan and virtual computer software, we can now visualize and simulate the placement of dental implants in 3-D. The simulation entails virtual implant placement that takes into account the relevant anatomy as well as the planned prosthesis. We can now plan both the surgical and final prosthetic end result to a much higher level than has been previously seen.

Starting with a restorative goal in mind and once all the team members have accepted a surgical and restorative implant plan, a computer guide is fabricated and used during the surgery. The computer-generated guides allow the surgeons to surgically replicate the approved virtual plan with high accuracy and precision.  This technique allows the surgery to be performed through minimal incision allowing faster recovery with minimal discomfort. 

  1.  A Cone Beam CT scan is taken for evaluation.
  2. Your dentist and surgeon will plan your implant surgery via virtual simulation for the most ideal position and angulation.
  3. The proposed implant placement will be sent to our lab for the fabrication of a surgical guide.
  4. The surgical guide then is utilized by the surgeon to place your implant accurately every time. 


Precision. Accuracy. Success – Every Time!